American Standard Roofing will support you through the insurance claim process.

Your out-of-pocket expenses should never be more than your deductible. If your roof is damaged by hail, wind or other storm activity, your homeowners insurance policy could cover the cost of repair or replacement. American Standard Roofing has worked closely with insurance companies over the years and knows what is required to help move smoothly through the claims process.

Hail, wind, and storm damages are considered an insurance loss on your homeowner’s policy. A home owners weather related insurance claim does not count against you personally for future rate increases.


American Standard Roofing will make any repairs needed to stop any water intrusion before the adjuster appointment. If there is any cost associated with that repair we give that invoice directly to the insurance company on the adjuster appointment.


We meet the adjuster on the adjuster appointment in attempts to get your claim paid correctly the first time, pointing out any damages caused by the storm.


Call American Standard Roofing to inspect the exterior of your home and property. We will examine the roof, gutters, windows and window beading, AC unit, fence, coping on pool, siding, etc.

Go through every room and check for water intrusion. Make note of any water intrusion that you identify.

Have the following information ready before you call to file the claim:

  • Policy Number
  • Date and Time of Loss
  • Policyholder name as stated on policy
  • Cause of the damage (wind, hail, trees, etc.)
  • Detailed description of the damage

Call your insurance company and file a claim. Make sure to:

  • Ask for a claim number and the field adjusters name and phone number.
  • Notify the insurance company that you want American Standard Roofing to be present on the adjustor appointment.


American Standard Roofing will negotiate and represent you so you get the full value of your repairs...

After the adjuster appointment you will receive a “loss statement” also called an “adjusters estimate” from your insurance company. This is the adjuster estimate of the cost of repairs. It is not necessarily the final settlement. American Standard Roofing will negotiate and represent you regarding the final and total costs to repair. All insurance checks are made out to the homeowner. If the claim’s original estimate is not enough to complete all of your repairs correctly we will work with your insurance company to adjust the estimate and obtain additional funds. This typically happens before repairs start. When the insurance company has finalized their approval process we will schedule your roofing project. After project is complete American Standard Roofing invoices your insurance company who in turn release the final payment.

The adjuster or insurance company often suggest that you get 2 or 3 estimates. When you find the lowest estimate or bid you are virtually working against yourself. When you take that approach, you are doing the work and estimating what the insurance company should be doing themselves. You can always find a lower price but you have to ask yourself “Are you receiving the best quality of labor and material that you are entitled to receive with the insurance company?” All quality contractors pay about the same price for material and labor. It stands to reason that if everything is equal, then how is it that some estimates can be much lower than others? The answer lies in the fact that inferior material may be used and inexperienced labor may be installing the sub-par material or lack of proper insurance.

Your insurance company cannot force you to use a contractor you do not know and/or trust. Always seek out a locally owned and operated company that has an established track record of customer service and satisfaction. Roofs are much more involved than replacing shingles.